Burglary crime prevention starts at home

27 Oct 2016 12:29 PM

Crime prevention sign [View Full Size]

Neighbourhood officers in Northumberland and North Tyneside are visiting residents at home to help them prevent crime.

This latest initiatives comes hot on the heels of a police operation targeting burglars, which led to 11 arrests last week.

Now officers are bringing a crime prevention initiative direct to residents, to help equip them to beat the burglar.

Police and partners have identified locations where burglary offences have previously been reported and are offering SelectaDNA crime prevention marking kits to residents in these areas to help prevent further crime.

Police Community Support Officers have been visiting these homes and have marked valuable property including mobiles, laptops, iPods, tvs, ornaments and jewellery with SelectaDNA microdot technology - this gives individual property a minute and unique reference number which is kept on a secure database.

This means that if any of the marked property is stolen it can be traced back to belonging to the address. Any stolen property recovered by police can be checked for a microdot and if found, can more easily be reunited with its rightful owner.

It also helps police as the marked property links the criminal to the crime scene and provides hard evidence officers can use to put offenders before the courts.

As well as marking property, street signs are also put up in the area, advising people and would-be burglars that property in this area is protected by SelectaDNA.

Inspector Martin Brooks said: "It's important to us as a police service that we do all we can to help the public keep their homes and property safe.

"Our officers have worked with partners to identify areas which we feel would most benefit from this bespoke service.

"We've also had great feedback from residents who are very happy to receive our help in their homes and feel reassured by this activity.

"We hope this will also deter criminals and help us to reduce crime in our neighbourhoods."

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Pictured, PCSO Jonathan Williams putting up the crime prevention street sign in Tynemouth Front Street.