Crime prevention advice for caravan owners

28 Oct 2016 08:51 AM

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Police are advising caravan owners to think about crime prevention to prevent break-ins.

The timely advice comes after police have received a couple of reports of caravans being burgled in the Wooler area of Northumberland this week.

Opportunist thieves have sneaked in to caravans and stolen TVs, cash and cigarettes, valuable items they could easily grab hold of and then make off with.

Officers want to remind people to make sure they have secure locks on caravans and garages and to remove any valuables out of view. If there's nothing obvious to steal from them then burglars are less likely to target them and attempt to break-in.

Neighbourhood Inspector Liz Hall said: "We want to encourage caravan owners to be security minded to prevent further losses. For many people their caravan is their home from home and it's important to keep it safe.

"If you're staying in a caravan then lock the windows and doors when you're going out.

"Officers are speaking with staff and residents in local caravan parks about crime prevention. I'd ask anyone who sees any suspicious behaviour, vehicles or people near to or at any caravan sites to report it to police and we will come and investigate."

For further information on helping prevent the risk of being a victim of burglary visit the Northumbria Police website