Man jailed after violent attack on woman

11 Nov 2016 12:28 PM

Robert Wilkinson [View Full Size]

A man has been jailed after he attacked a woman in a drunken rage leaving her unconscious on the floor covered in blood.

The attack happened on Febuary 20 at an address in Nursery Road in Sunderland. 37-year-old Robert Wilkinson had been at the victims house drinking when in a drunken rage he punched her in the head and hit her across the face with the back of his hand. The impact knocked her to the ground where he continued to kick her before striking her to the head with a mobile phone causing her to lose consciousness.

When the victim woke Wilkinson was casually smoking a cigarette at the kitchen door.

The victim managed to escape and drove away to get help - within a few minutes she flagged down a police car and told officers what had happened. Wilkinson, of no fixed abode, was subsequently arrested.

On Wednesday (November 10) he was sentenced to five years imprisonment after previously pleading guilty to wounding with intent to commit GBH.

The woman suffered a laceration to her head and a hairline fracture to her cheekbone.

Acting Detective Inspector Angus Grassie said: "This is a significant sentence awarded by the Judge offering a real deterrent whilst highlighting not just an effective investigation but also the serious nature of the incident and the tough stance police and the courts take on domestic violence. We simply won't tolerate it and will do everything we can for victims to make sure they are safe and supported.

"The very fact that straight after the attack Wilkinson was casually smoking a cigarette at the door shows the complete lack of remorse he had for his actions and is truly shocking and I'm pleased he will now face a considerable amount of time in prison."

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