Residents thank police for tackling ASB

11 Nov 2016 13:00 PM

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Residents in Sunderland have thanked Northumbria Police for intervening and helping put a stop to anti-social behaviour in their street.

Concerns were raised around anti-social behaviour (ASB) in Chatsworth Street in the west of the city with the behaviour escalating to such a level it was ruining the quality of life for residents.

The street is covered by Sunderland West Neighbourhood Policing Team and local officers PCs Graeme Simpson and Neil Armstrong made resolving the issues a priority.

They worked closely with the ASB team at Sunderland City Council and the landlord of the property to find a solution as well as speaking to the neighbour who was causing issues.

Graeme and Neil also helped collate a diary of the anti-social behaviour as evidence and considered applying for an Anti-Social Behaviour Agreement. Throughout the whole process they kept in regular contact with those who were concerned and made sure they were up to date with their progress.

The intervention by Graeme and Neil and the work they and partners carried out meant the issues were resolved without enforcement action being necessary.

Sunderland West Neighbourhood Inspector Tony Carty said: "Anti-social behaviour has a huge affect on people and really affects their quality of life, it can make people feel harassed or intimidated or just annoyed they can't enjoy an evening in their own home without being disturbed.

"Graeme and Neil have done a fantastic job and we know residents are grateful for the level of support they have provided and have told us there is now a lot more consideration and respect for others in the street.

"This is a great example of some of the work that goes on throughout the city to tackle the very local issues that concern our communities and residents."

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