Bikes for Amble officers

22 Nov 2016 16:00 PM

New bikes for Amble [View Full Size]

More officers are getting on their bikes thanks to a gift from councillors.

Neighbourhood officers in Amble have been given two new mountain bikes from their local council.

Amble Town Council paid for the bikes to help neighbourhood officers to be more accessible in the area.

Neighbourhood Sergeant Sharon Wilmore-Greaves said: "Officers on bicycles can quickly cover ground that patrols cars can't, especially in parkland on and around our streets and alleyways.

"Bikes provide a visible, accessible and reassuring police presence on our streets, and we know the public like to see an officer in their neighbourhood.

"I'm really grateful for the bikes as they're going to make a difference to how officers can patrol the area. Officers will be able to provide a greater visible police presence in and around Amble and because they're on a bike they can access hard-to-reach areas, in order to tackle anti-social behaviour.

"It's easier to talk to the public while patrolling Amble's paths and tracks on a bike, something which is not possible in a car.

"I think the bikes make our officers more accessible and are a friendly sight which is reassuring for residents and a great asset for our neighbourhood officers."

Cllr Dargue said: "Community policing is something that has always been important to our town. It will be a very welcome sight to see police officers out and about around Amble both on bikes as well as on foot. I am very happy that the Council have been able to help to facilitate this – also a big thanks to Mark Breeze for his help both in supplying the bikes and his help and advice in our efforts to encourage a more cycle friendly approach throughout the town."

Photo courtesy of Martin Horn. Pictured From left to right: PCSO Julie Wright, Amble Mayor Jane Dague, Mark Breeze and PSCO Kenneth Mouat