Closure Order granted in Wallsend

23 Nov 2016 13:21 PM

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Police and partners have taken action against a resident causing anti-social behaviour in Wallsend by having a Closure Order served against them.

Officers from Wallsend Neighbourhood Policing Team and North Tyneside Council's Community Protection Team have been dealing with a series of crimes and anti-social behaviour linked to the address and have now stepped in to prevent further disturbances.

Complaints have been made about a private tenant living in Richardson Street in the North Tyneside town who has caused a serious nuisance with their behaviour over the last three weeks.

Police have logged a series of incidents at the premises including incidents of criminal damage and ASB and have been called to the same address 12 times this month. Now a three month Closure Order has been issued by North Tyneside Magistrates Court today (Wednesday, November 23) which comes into effect from noon on Thursday, November 24.

The order granted under the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014, aims to prevent the nuisance and disorder from reoccurring. The tenant and all visitors have been banned from the premises, the only person allowed to enter is the landlord who needs access to the property to carry out substantial repairs caused by criminal damage to it.

Anyone who contravenes the order and enters the address faces a fine or imprisonment of up to 51 weeks.

Neighbourhood Inspector Mark Storey said: "We've had a series of calls to this address during November and have regularly spoken to the private tenant about her behaviour and the behaviour of other people who have been visiting the address. They have caused a large disturbance to other residents and have not heeded our advice to stop behaving in this manner.

"This sort of behaviour disrupts the lives of others living nearby and causes them real worry about their neighbourhood. We are determined to help local residents who are fully entitled to live in a peaceful area and not to have their neighbourhood continually upset by the actions of a small minority. By working with our partners we have now stopped this tenant and others from coming into the address and causing a nuisance."

Colin Boxshall, North Tyneside Council’s Community Protection Manager, said: “We fully support Northumbria Police in obtaining a closure order in respect of this property.

“In partnership with the police our resolve is to ensure that everyone is able to enjoy peace and quiet in their own homes and neighbourhood and will take whatever action that is necessary to protect that right.

“North Tyneside is a great place to live, work and visit, and we are committed to keeping it that way.”

Anyone with concerns about crime or disorder where they live should contact their local neighbourhood policing team on 101.