Neighbourhood officers take to Twitter

23 Nov 2016 08:26 AM

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Neighbourhood officers in Sunderland and South Tyneside are taking to twitter to keep their local communities up to date.

Neighbourhood Policing Team's across the area command now have their own twitter accounts with local officers sending regular tweets to their followers.

Officers have been posting selfies while out on patrol and even keeping their followers up to date with the number of steps they've clocked up while on the beat.

Acting Chief Inspector Jamie Southwell said: "Social media has huge advantages and allows us to communicate with a much wider audience than we have in the past. It is a great way for local residents to find out direct from their local officers what is going on in their area and I would encourage anyone who is on twitter to follow their local team.

"Teams will be using their twitter feed to keep residents up to date with what's going on in their neighbourhood and keep up-to-date with operations and campaigns as well as issue crime prevention advice."

The twitter accounts to follow in Sunderland are:-

@SundCentPolice covering Sunderland City Centre

@NPSSUNSW covering the west of the city

@SundNorthPolice covering the north of the city

@NPSWashington covering Washington

@HoughtonPolice covering Houghton

Follow @NPSunderland for updates from right across the city

In South Tyneside follow:-

@NPSHarton covering Harton

@NPJarrowHebburn covering Jarrow and Hebburn

@NPSWestShields covering South Shields

Follow @NPSouthTyneside for updates from right across the borough

And, it's not just neighbourhood teams who are on the tweet - community engagement officers have an account to. Follow @NPSENGTEAM to find out what the team has been up to.

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