PCC supporting White Ribbon Day

25 Nov 2016 09:00 AM

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Northumbria's Police and Crime Commissioner has called on men and women across the North East to wear a white ribbon tomorrow to take a stand against domestic abuse.

Vera Baird QC is making the plea as part of International White Ribbon Day 2016 which is inspired by the White Ribbon Pledge.

The pledge was started by a group of men who launched the campaign encouraging men to take a share of the responsibility of putting an end to domestic violence against women.

Northumbria Police and the Police and Crime Commissioner have now called on men across the region will support White Ribbon Day by wearing their ribbon.

Men throughout Northumbria are also being encouraged to show their support by signing the international pledge - never to commit, condone or remain silent about men's violence against women.

Mrs Baird said: "Wearing a white ribbon is one way of showing that men are saying loud and clear that they will never condone, take part in or remain silent about domestic abuse against women.

"To stop domestic abuse and violence we all have to take a share of the responsibility and I hope that White Ribbon Day shows local people that they have a role to play in tackling domestic abuse.

"This day in particular is about calling on men to recognise the impact domestic abuse has on women and girls but we know that domestic abuse can affect people of any gender and sexuality.

"For example this week I helped launch a campaign about ending domestic abuse involving gay, bi and trans men and their partners.

"Everyone should be able to approach the police confident that those in authority will take the issue seriously and put the needs of the victim first.

"This is a priority for me and that's why next week Northumbria Police will be launching its own campaign appealing to all members of the public to help us put a stop all forms of abuse from physical to emotional. It all must be stopped."

Detective Chief Superintendent Scott Hall, who is head of the force's Safeguarding Department said: "We all have a responsibility to take a stand against domestic violence. Men and women alike, all need to do their part and show their support to ending domestic abuse of any form.

"The Commissioner continues to do a fantastic job of raising awareness of violence against women and girls through the Violence Against Women and Girls Strategy, something that the force and the Safeguarding department are strongly committed to delivering.

"So today, myself and the Safeguarding teams - both male and female officers - will be showing their support by wearing white ribbons and hoping we can all do our bit to support this very important campaign."