Police and partners tackle bus station ASB in Alnwick

15 Dec 2016 09:52 AM

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Police and partners tackle bus station ASB in Alnwick

Alnwick Neighbourhood Team have been working in partnership with Arriva, Town Council members, Northumberland Community Safety and Alnwick Youth Project to discuss community concerns around low level anti-social behaviour and litter at Alnwick Bus Station.

Police and partners are concerned about the low level fear of crime by residents and tourists who use the bus station created by the presence of groups of youths who use the Bus Station as a meeting point and throw litter around despite there being sufficient bins for the Bus Station.

In response to the local concerns Arriva Buses have invested in a new CCTV system at Alnwick Bus Station.

The comprehensive high definition system, will cover the Bus Station and will be used by Northumbria Police and Alnwick Town Council to identify anyone committing criminal or anti-social behaviour. Visible signs will be displayed to inform the public that the area is covered by CCTV.

Other partnership work that will be undertaken by a joint task group, made up of Arriva, Alnwick Town Council, Alnwick youth Project, Northumbria Police and Northumberland Council Community Safety partnership include:

- Monitoring the cleaning of the bus station
- Ensuring there are enough bins in the area and that these are emptied regularly
- Introducing CCTV across the whole of the town.

Acting Neighbourhood Inspector Wilmore-Greaves said: “Our residents have told us that there is a problem with anti-social behaviour and littering at the bus station. We are responding to those concerns by increased patrols in the area and utilising new Anti-Social behaviour powers by authorising dispersal notices when required.

"Having the CCTV in place will mean that if there are any acts of crime or anti-social behaviour we will quickly be able to identify who was involved and take more effective action. Alnwick is a very safe place to live and we don’t want anyone to feel intimidated by the behaviour of others at any time or in any part of town. The introduction of CCTV at the bus station will be another way that we can drive this behaviour out.”

Coun Gordon Castle, an Alnwick town and county councillor, said: “This is in response to a number of public complaints and it was recognised that something had to happen.
“I’m very grateful to the police for taking this seriously and to Arriva for realising something needs to be done.
“There are other plans going forward, but for now we will see what impact the CCTV has.”

“Nick Knox, area managing director for Arriva North East said: “ We are very pleased with the recent installation of CCTV cameras at Alnwick Bus Station. We hope this will help prevent any further incidents, helping us improve the overall journey experience for our customers and reduce anti-social behaviour for local residents.”