Police and partners close Gateshead problem house

16 Dec 2016 14:42 PM

CLOSURE ORDER [View Full Size]

Police and partners in Gateshead close problem house.

Last week officers from the Gateshead Neighbourhood Policing Team and Gateshead Council and Housing Company joined forces to successfully close a premises in Kendal Crescent, Low fell, following complaints of Anti-Social behaviour and Drug Misuse.

Both the police and the housing company received a number of complaints of drug misuse and associated anti-social behaviour in and around the address over the last seven months.

Residents complained of noise issues and people visiting the address at all hours to access drugs. People have also been found in neighbouring gardens injecting drugs and leaving needles and other drug debris behind.

This behaviour was dangerous and posed a significant risk to other residents and families and so the local police and the housing company took action.

Evidence was gathered and presented before Magistrates at Gateshead and on December 8th a "Closure Order" was granted for a period of three months.

This means that no one can visit the premises with the exception of the landlord during this time and the current occupant is evicted from the premises for the duration of the order.

Gateshead Neighbourhood Inspector Alan Pitchford said "This is a great example of a community reporting issues to their local police, council and housing company and action being taken.

"Tackling ASB is a priority for us and we will continue to all work together to improve the quality of life for our residents and make them feel safer."

Gateshead Councillor Linda Green, Cabinet Member for Communities and Volunteering said: "Closure powers are an invaluable tool and help us all to do our jobs more effectively and tackle issues such as drug misuse and anti-social behaviour.

"The Council and The Gateshead Housing Company work extremely well with the local neighbourhood policing team and this has been a great example of partnership working, taking swift action to resolve a problem.

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