Police help residents keep burglars at bay this Christmas

20 Dec 2016 13:30 PM

SelectaDNA crime prevention marking kit and signs [View Full Size]

Police are helping residents in the Hexham area and across Tynedale to safeguard their homes from burglars over the festive period.

Neighbourhood officers from Tynedale are offering SelectaDNA crime prevention marking kits to residents to help protect their property.

Officers are now visiting a number of homes in the area and are marking valuable property including mobiles, laptops, iPods, tvs and jewellery with SelectaDNA microdot technology - this gives individual property a minute and unique reference number which is kept on a secure database.

It means that if any of the marked property is stolen it can be traced back to belonging to the address. Any stolen property recovered by police can be checked for a microdot and if found, can more easily be reunited with its rightful owner.

This also helps police as the marked property links the criminal to the crime scene and provides evidence officers can use to bring offenders to justice.

As well as marking property, street signs are also going up in these areas, advising people and would-be burglars that property in this area is protected by SelectaDNA.

Neighbourhood Inspector Pam Bridges said: “The investigation and prevention of burglary remains an absolute priority for us. Extra police patrols have been tasked to the area as well as to targeted disruption of suspects and known offenders both locally and in conjunction with neighbouring areas.

"In addition we're determined to do all we can to help residents keep their homes and valuables safe during the festive period. We know people will be giving and receiving presents this Christmas, many of which will be attractive to burglars. So we want to help people prevent crime by using these marking kits, we know this also acts as a deterrent to burglars.

"We also want to remind people to keep homes secure this Christmas and New Year, to prevent opportunist thieves from sneaking in and stealing valuables. And, if you do see or hear someone acting suspiciously where you live, trying door handles, please call police straightaway on 101.

"Your prompt actions could help to prevent a crime. We hope that by taking this advice it will prevent people from being burgled and help them to have a happy and crime free Christmas and New Year."

Pictured, SelectaDNA crime prevention marking kit and signs