2016: A bad year for burglars in Newcastle and Gateshead

21 Dec 2016 09:09 AM

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2016 has been a very bad year for burglars in Newcastle and Gateshead.

Over the last 12 months 530 people have been arrested in connection with burglaries in the two areas:

71 have been jailed, with sentences totalling 127 years jail time.

49 criminals will be spending Christmas this year behind bars awaiting sentence for burglary offences.

Over 198 months were handed to 24 burglars in suspended prison sentences.

93 suspected offenders remain on police bail pending further enquiries and 121 people have been dealt with by non custodial sentences.

The officers behind the Newcastle and Gateshead burglary team aren't planning on easing up on the pressure next year either and are promising burglars that 2017 is set to be just as tough for them.

Made up of two Detective Sergeants, eleven Detective Constables, two Visits Officers and two Police Staff. The burglary team's sole aim is to stop burglaries from happening and arrest those responsible for committing them.

The team have been working together for the last three years and in that time have investigated over 4,000 domestic burglaries

Every burglary that happens in Newcastle and Gateshead gets looked at by the team. They check for patterns and trends in the burglaries and put known burglars who they think are responsible forward to the investigating officers.

Their work, over the last two years, has seen over 381 years imprisonment handed to 187 criminals.

Superintendent David Felton said: "The burglary team for Newcastle and Gateshead is made up of fantastic experienced and dedicated officers who live and breath burglaries day in and day out.

"Their sole job is to identify who is responsible for breaking into peoples' homes and getting them put behind bars. They are an essential part of policing the two areas and work alongside both the Neighbourhood Officers and 24/7 Response teams out on the ground - their results speak for themselves."

An essential part of the burglary team are specially trained officers who visit the victim of every house burglary in the two areas.

After someone suffers a burglary then these officers go out to their home and talk through the burglary with them, offering reassurance and advice and information on how to avoid being targeted again.

They offer them support and point them in the direction of any help they might need. All victims are also kept up to date with the investigation and informed about any arrests and developments in their case.

Supt Felton added: "The service these officers provide is first class. They are there to support the victims of burglaries and make sure they are OK. We fully understand the impact that a burglary can have on someone and we do all we can to offer them help and support at a very early stage.

"We have had some excellent feedback on this service and for me this is the most essential part. Items that have been stolen can be replaced, but it's people who are most important. Making sure that victims are helped and supported is key and we will continue to do all we can to stop burglaries in Newcastle and Gateshead and keep our communities safe."

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