Police animals get in the festive spirit ahead of a busy Christmas at work

23 Dec 2016 09:30 AM

Paddington [View Full Size]

Northumbria Police's four legged friends are gearing up for a tackling crime and disorder in the north east this Christmas - by getting in the festive spirit.

Whilst many of us will be lounging by the fire and sleeping off our Christmas dinners, our region's police officers will be on duty keeping the public safe.

But the officers of Northumbria Police will not be alone as they pursue criminals this winter becuase they will be joined by our fantastic police animals.

Both the Dog Section and the Mounted Section will be on duty across the festive period - and they've been donning some Christmas outfits to get them in the spirit.

Our police dogs will be supporting response officers in day-to-day duties whilst the police horses will be on Boxing Day duty for the football at St James' Park.

Both the Dog Section and the Mounted Section are part of the Operations Department which will be supporting police across the North East for Christmas and New Year.

PD Bruce at Christmas

Superintendent Geoff Logan, deputy head of the department, said: "Our police animals are a really important asset for the force and will be vital to the work we're doing this Christmas.

"The public absolutely love following their working day on social media and no doubt they will see both our dogs and horses out on duty over this festive period.

"It is easy for us to forget that hundreds of our officers will be out on the streets to keep the public safe this Christmas which means they'll be sacrificing time at home with their families.

"Our wonderful police animals will be joining them but we take the very best care of them and we have already been assured that Santa will be treating them to an apple or two between shifts.

"If you see our officers about this Christmas make sure you go and say hello. Our animals in particular love to meet new people!"