West end police operation launched today

16 Jan 2017 11:28 AM

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Police are today kicking off a week long operation to tackle anti-social behaviour in the Stanhope Street area of Arthurs Hill.

Officers have seen an increase in reports of anti social behaviour and criminal damage in the last few weeks and have put together 'Operation Divert', with partners, to nip it in the bud.

The local neighbourhood policing team, Newcastle West, is joining forces with Newcastle City Council's regulatory services and enforcement team and will run seven days of action aimed at generally improving the area and addressing residents' concerns.

High visibility police and multi-agency patrols will be carried out every day this week and each agency will focus on sorting key issues out.

Police officers will look to identify those individuals responsible for causing problems and will take any appropriate action; including issuing dispersal notices and, if necessary, making arrests.

Council staff will be looking to deal with and take action against offences such as littering and graffiti. They are targeting those responsible and will be gathering evidence of offences being committed to use in prosecutions in court.

Neighbourhood Inspector Alan Davison said: "Local people have told us that they are becoming increasingly concerned about a number of offences in the Stanhope Street area of Arthurs Hill and we are taking action.

"We've teamed up with the local council and other partners and are committed to getting to the heart of these problems and resolving issues.

"Residents will see lots of activity all throughout the week and we really want the community to get involved and work with us. Speak to officers if you see them. Tell us about your concerns and your problems and we will see what we can do to fix them.

"ASB has a devastating impact on local areas and communities. It can make peoples' lives a real misery and we are committed to tackling it and taking action against those responsible."

Follow @NPCNCLWest for updates throughout the week on activity.

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