Mobile police office goes on tour

24 Jan 2017 08:00 AM

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A mobile police office is going on tour across Washington and Houghton this week, giving residents the opportunity to speak to their local police right in the heart of the community.

The mobile office will park up in streets throughout the area and residents are invited to pop in and speak to their local police about any issues they may have as well as receive some crime prevention advice.

Officers will also carry out foot patrols in the area letting people know where the mobile office is.

Local Neighbourhood Inspector Vicky Quinn said: "We're really keen to engage with our communities and let people know what we're doing in the area to make it safer as well as hear what issues are affecting them so we can see what we can do about it.

"We already hold regular meetings with local residents but we know people are busy and don't always have time to come along. Hopefully, by taking our mobile office into their street it will make it easier for them to pop in.

"Local neighbourhood officers and police community support officers will be in the office to speak to members of the public along with officers on foot patrol letting people know where it is parked.

"We will also be handing out crime prevention advice and burglary packs with a host of advice on how to safeguard homes from burglars.

"I really would urge local residents to pop in even if people don't have any concerns or issues they want to discuss it's a great opportunity to come and say hello and get to know the team.

"The team will be on Twitter each day tweeting the mobile office's location, follow @NPSWashington and @NPSHoughton to make sure you don't miss out when it's in your street."

Yesterday, the office was atBarmston Village between 10am and 2pm and Easington Lane between 3pm and 8pm.

Today (Tuesday) Washington Village between 10am to 2pm and Hetton between 2pm to 11pm.

Wednesday - 10am to 2pm Sulgrave 2pm and 11pm Shiney Row.

Thursday - 10am and 2pm Blackfell Village 3pm and 8pm Penshaw.

Friday - 3pm and 1am Houghton.

Saturday - 4pm to 1am Concord.

Sunday - 3pm to 8pm Shiney Row.


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