Police work with door staff to keep city safe

24 Jan 2017 08:54 AM

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Police are praising the work of door staff in Newcastle city centre for their work in helping keep revellers safe.

In recent months officers have been made aware of some fantastic examples of great work done by door staff in a number of licensed premises in the city centre.

Their hard work and close partnership working with officers has directly led to important arrests for violent and sexual offences and a number of vulnerable people being given support and assistance in some very difficult and potentially life-threatening situations.

Officers want to praise the work they are doing and raise awareness around the important part they play alongside police in keeping the city centre safe on a night.

City centre Chief Inspector David Pickett said: "Keeping people safe in Newcastle on a night time is a real team effort and police rely on the help of the door staff and other partners to make sure this is the case. It's fantastic to get feedback first-hand about some of the excellent work they are doing and I really wanted to thank them publically for their dedication and professionalism.

"We work closely with the door staff members in the town and keep them in the loop about what is going on. We share information with them and this has already paid dividends with them helping us identify offenders and make arrests in connection with a number of incidents.

"We provide them with safety and vulnerability training and they are a great asset for us out on the ground in the city centre. Keeping people safe is our priority and it's brilliant to see we have such professional and dedicated door staff on our side."


Examples of work that they have assisted police with recently includes -

Tiger Tiger:

Door staff at the club ensured the safety of a young woman who became very ill while drinking in the city centre.  One Saturday night in December, door staff found a woman passed out unconscious in one of the toilet cubicles in the club. They managed to safely get her out of the cubicle and to a place of safety. In a letter to the door staff from the girl's family they thanked them and praised them for being with her, supporting her and 'going beyond the line of duty' to make sure she was OK.  They said that they treated her 'as if she was one of their own family' and couldn't thank them enough for their professional actions. The girl was taken to hospital where she was treated and made a full recovery.

Sexual offences:

Following a reported serious sexual offence in the city centre door staff at one of the briefing sessions recognised a CCTV image of a suspect and passed on key information that led to the man being identified and arrested for the offence.

Violent offences:

Following assaults and fights in a number of city centre premises door staff have assisted officers in bringing situations under control safely and make key arrests.

Protecting vulnerable people:

Providing people with support, first aid and assistance. Linking in with officers and raising concern for vulnerable people and working with staff at the Safe Haven to ensure people who need help are given it.


Steve Howe, Managing Director of Phoenix Security, said: "The collaborative approach adopted by Door Supervisors and Police officers working in Newcastle City Centre works really well. The examples highlight the benefits of enhanced safeguarding and vulnerability training in keeping people safe on a night out"

Kevin Walker, Operations Manager for Tiger Tiger, said: "As one of the biggest venues in the city centre the continued Partnership between operators and Northumbria police is exceptional and any one deciding to have a night out in Newcastle can do so knowing that there is a formidable partnership in place to reduce crime and disorder and to keep everyone safe"

Northumbria Police and Crime Commissioner, Vera Baird QC said: "Our safety and vulnerability training for door staff is one of many great initiatives taking place in Newcastle to help safeguard people on a night out. It's vital that we all work together  to look after those who find themselves in a vulnerable situation, whatever the circumstances, and it's fantastic to hear of the care and support offered to this young woman by the staff at Tiger Tiger."

Police and partners recently launched the Safe Haven in Newcastle city centre for over the Christmas period.  The Safe Haven is a city centre reception unit in Newcastle that is jointly funded by the Police Crime Commissioner and North East Ambulance Service.  The centre offers a safe place where vulnerable patients can wait in a secure environment for transport to home or hospital as appropriate and be treated for minor injuries.  Having a facility in a central location, staffed by the ambulance and police services, with support from St John Ambulance, reduces the demand on emergency services and accident and emergency departments over busy weekend nights. 

Safe Haven is open from 10pm until 4am on Friday and Saturday nights and is located in the Bigg Market.

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