Mobile Police Office goes on tour

09 Feb 2017 08:24 AM

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The Mobile Police Office is set to go on tour in Sunderland once again, this time in the east of the city.

The bus will park up in Morrison's car park in Doxford Park from around 10am onwards this morning. It will then travel to Asda in Ryhope and depending on time finish it's day at Lidl in Grangetown at around 3pm.

Shoppers and local residents are invited to pop into the office and meet their local police from the Sunderland East Neighbourhood Policing Team. They can simply pop in to say hello or discuss any issues with crime and anti-social behavior they may have in their area.

Officers will also be on hand to offer crime prevention advice.

PC Lisa Pallister, from Sunderland East Neighbourhood Policing Team, said: "This is a great opportunity for local residents to pop in and meet us. We know people don't always have time to come along to the meetings we hold but we're hoping they might have five minutes to come and see us while they're doing their shopping.

"We're always interested to hear their feedback and hear how we can improve and resolve any issues they may have around crime and anti-social behaviour that perhaps we're not aware of."

The Mobile Police Office is also set to go on tour once again later this month.

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