Crackdown on burglary continues

27 Feb 2017 11:00 AM

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Police are continuing to crackdown on burglary across Sunderland and South Tyneside.

Officers have worked tirelessly to catch burglars and put them behind bars to help reduce the number of offences and their efforts are paying off.

But, police are not being complacent and are continuing to take action against burglars - and are encouraging homeowners to help.

Detective Inspector Dave Cole said: "We cannot underestimate the devastating impact being broken into has on people, it does not just affect victims but their family, friends and neighbours too. It is something we all hope never happens to us.

"Local residents can play a huge and important role in our efforts, making it even more difficult for burglars in the first place makes a huge difference and I would always encourage people to make sure they keep their property secure.

"There are plenty of security options available from burglar alarms to outdoor lighting and motion sensors but it doesn't have to be sophisticated to help. It's surprising how many burglaries are committed after a front or back door has been left open, or a window wide open, even overnight, or a bike has been stolen after its been left lying on the ground not locked to anything.

"Taking a few moments to double check doors and windows are locked could potentially prevent a home being burgled, it really can be that simple."

Further crime prevention advice is available on the Northumbria Police website


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