Police make donation to local Church group

08 Mar 2017 10:00 AM

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Police in South Tyneside have donated ready meals to a local Church group that offers support and care to some of the most vulnerable people in the town.

The meals had been provided for people in police custody but were due to expire so rather than see them go to waste Riverside Neighbourhood Policing Team decided to put them to good use.

Father Christopher Fuller at St Hilda's Church holds a regular drop in session to encourage hard to reach people who are some of the most vulnerable in our communities to offer support and care.

And, rather than throw the meals away the team decided to donate them to the group before they expired.

Neighbourhood Sergeant Julie Beattie said: "The ready meals were due to expire and we knew they would not get used in custody before their expiry date so rather than thrown them away the team thought it would be a good idea to donate them to people who would benefit from them.

"St Hilda's Church hosts a regular drop in session that offers support and care to some of the most vulnerable people in the town so it seemed like a perfect opportunity to donate the meals so they could enjoy them rather than them go to waste.

"Many people may think policing is just about catching bad guys and locking people up but one of our absolute priorities is protecting those who are the most vulnerable and we work very closely within the local community to identify where we can really make a difference."

Father Chris Fuller said: "The people that use the church are very grateful to receive the food from the police and the gesture has helped to strengthen the relationship between the most vulnerable members of the community and the police"

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