Operation Flynn gets off to a flying start

10 Mar 2017 15:28 PM

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Operation Flynn - focusing attention on active criminals in Northumberland and North Tyneside has got off to a flying start.

Flynn has notched up a total of 31 arrests over four days for a wide variety of crimes ranging from assault, house burglary, robbery, drugs offences and criminal damage.

Officers have also been focusing on other key crimes of domestic violence, targeting perpetrators who have committed offences including assault and harassment.

Police have been making sure they provide support and take necessary action to safeguard victims, encouraging people to report offences and to assist police to enable them to bring offenders to court.

The tally of arrests so far:

Six incidents of domestic abuse cases including assault, criminal damage and harassment
Two house burglary
Two drugs offences
Four breach of bail
13 for failing to appear at court
One each for street robbery, assault, shop robbery and breach of a restraining order.

Detective Inspector Jon Bensley said: "This operation is a sustained initiative to tackle crimes which cause the most harm in our communities and the crimes that people tell us they are concerned about.

"It's also about protecting the vulnerable and that includes those who are victims of violence, often in their own homes. We want to ensure they have the support they need to stay safe and to get them the help they need to get justice.

"We believe this initiative shows that police in Northumberland and North Tyneside are taking crime seriously and are working hard to arrest those we suspect of being active offenders in our community to put them before the courts and face justice.

"We hope the action we've taken, which includes focusing on domestic abuse perpetrators, will help to increase the confidence of victims and encourage both them and those who suspect someone who is a victim to come forward and get help."

He added: "These results so far are just the first few days of Operation Flynn, this is just the start of our activity, we want people to know there is more to come.

"And our message to criminals is we are gathering information about your activities and the necessary evidence so that we will come and find you and make further arrests. If people in our neighbourhoods have information about suspected criminal activity then please call us so we can take action to make our communities safer."

If anyone suspects that someone they know may be involved in criminal activity where they live, ring 101 and speak to your local neighbourhood team. Confidential information can also be given to police via Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.