School children get to say 'hello hello hello' to local bobby

10 Mar 2017 10:11 AM

Photo Laygate School Proud to Protect Pic - 070317 [View Full Size]

Local children had the chance to say 'hello hello hello' to their local police recently when neighbourhood officers made a visit to their school.

Officers from Riverside Neighbourhood Policing Team went along to Laygate Primary School in South Shields to talk to year 5 children about neighbourhood policing and how important it is in the community.

PC Paul Maddison, PCSO Vicky Simon along with Volunteer Police Cadets Isaac Powell and Sophie Nash told to the children about their role and answered questions from the children.

While they were there the officers promoted the 'Proud to Protect' message and talked about what makes them proud.

PC Maddison said: "This was a fantastic opportunity to speak with the children and promote the Proud to Protect message. We hope the early interaction with police like this will build good relationships now and in the future.

"The class contained very bright and enthusiastic children from all backgrounds inluding those from backgrounds that are underrepresented in the police, and who knows, maybe some will consider the police as a career option in the futre because of positive visits like this."

To find out more about your local neighbourhood policing team visit the neighbourhood pages of the Northumbria Police website


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