Motorbikes seized in crackdown

15 Mar 2017 15:00 PM

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Almost 30 motorbikes have been seized as part of a crackdown on motorbike disorder in South Tyneside.

The crackdown was launched after a number of complaints from members of the public about off road motorbikes being ridden on public and private land without permission.

The disorder is worse in Whiteleas and Temple Park where the motorbikes are causing a nuisance and posing a danger to other people.

Riding off-road motorbikes on public or private land without the landowners permission is illegal.

Tackling the issue has been made a neighbourhood priority by both West Shields and East Shields neighbourhood policing team's and in the past nine months 29 motorbikes have been seized.

Action so far has seen Jerry Watch launched with local fuel stations which sees fuel stations the option to refuse to sell anyone fuel if they believe they are going to use it for an off-road motorbike.

Officers are also working with South Tyneside Council who are informing police if they see an off-road motorbike stored in a garage, shed or on a driveway so police can visit and advise about the law around riding off-road motorbikes.

More than 1000 leaflets have been delivered to local residents asking them to report any information about where the motorbikes are being stored or who is riding them and CCTV cameras are being used to help identify those involved.

Police have also issued section 59 notices have been issued - a section 59 notice warns the rider their behaviour is considered irresponsible and inconsiderate and if it continues their motorbike will be seized by police. If the bike is seized by police it could ultimately end up being crushed.

Northumbria Police and Crime Commissioner, Vera Baird DBE QC, said: "This proactive policing activity and successful partnership work should serve as a warning to others who think it’s ok to break the law and ride motorbikes in public places.

"Not only are these irresponsible people putting themselves at risk but also the safety of others and that’s why I want to urge local residents who see anything to make sure they let the police know so they can look into it and catch those responsible."

West Shields Neighbourhood Sergeant Steve Prested said: "Members of the public are quite rightly concerned about motorbike disorder in the borough as are we. It is our absolute priority to tackle the issues that affect our local communities the most which is why we have made tackling motorbike disorder a neighbourhood priority. People riding off road motorbikes in built up areas or in parks and on fields are causing a nuisance, disrupting people's quality of life and putting lives at risk.

"Not only that what they are doing is breaking the law and the way the motorbikes are being ridden could end up with someone getting seriously injured or even killed. We are doing all we can to identify those responsible so we can stop their behaviour and have already taken extensive action to do this."

Police are asking members of the public to come forward and report information to them.

East Shields Neighbourhood Inspector Denise Townsley said: "Information from members of the public is crucial to us, we need to know who these motorbikes belong to so we can speak to them and remind them of the law surrounding riding off-road motorbikes and warn them of the consequences of riding them in a dangerous manner.

"We want people to come forward and pass information to us. If they know someone in their street who has an off-road motorbike we want to know."

To report information contact Northumbria Police on 101.

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