Sheep die after dogs attack

20 Mar 2017 12:24 PM

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Police are urging dog walkers to make sure they keep their pets under control after several sheep died after being attacked by dogs in Hexham.

Officers were called to an area known as the Hermitage Tyne Green in the Northumberland town on Sunday, March 19, at 2.56pm following reports of dogs chasing sheep.

Police attended the area near bridge end and found two dogs had got into a field of sheep and chased and attacked pregnant ewes. This led to the death of several sheep including some who had been chased into the river and swept downstream and died.

The two dogs were seized by police and officers are investigating the matter.

Now following this incident Northumbria Police are reminding dog walkers to take care and control over their dogs while out walking in the countryside particularly at this time of year when ewes are in lamb. Officers are also reminding people living in the countryside to keep fences around their property secure so that dogs cannot escape and worry livestock.

Neighbourhood Inspector Pam Bridges said: "We want to remind dog owners to make sure their dogs are kept under control at all times, in particular when near farm land and other animals.

"Clearly failure to take simple steps to keep dogs under control in the countryside can result in sheep and other young animals being attacked, maimed or killed. It can also lead to dog owners losing their family pets and being prosecuted and farmers losing their animals and suffering financial loss.

"The harm in this incident caused could have been prevented if the dogs had been kept under control and out of harm's way."

The dog owner has been traced and enquiries are continuing into the incident.

Police are appealing for witnesses and anyone with information is asked to contact Northumbria Police on 101 quoting reference number 673 of 19/03/17.