Be alert to telephone scams

03 Apr 2017 10:32 AM

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Police are reminding people to be on their guard after two elderly people reported calls from telephone scammers.

Two Tynedale residents received calls last week from people asking for money to be transferred from their account. In both cases no cash was transferred and police and the banks were notified and are investigating.

One call was made on Wednesday, March 29, telling the resident they needed to transfer £360 to pay for insurance on their bank account. The resident contacted a family member who reported it to police.

A second incident happened on Friday, March 31, when the caller said he was from the fraud investigation squad and asked the resident to transfer £6,000 from their bank account. The resident contacted the bank who were suspicious and police were alerted.

Now officers want to remind the public that banks, building societies, police or any other official agency will never ring you and ask you to transfer money like this.

Never disclose your PIN or online or telephone banking log-in information or card reader codes to anyone, even if the caller claims to be from the bank or police.

If you receive a call requesting your PIN, card details or online or telephone banking log-in information, end the call immediately.

If you receive a suspicious or unexpected call, always verify the caller by taking their phone number and getting it checked independently.

Ensure elderly relatives and neighbours are aware of the fraud and crime prevention advice.

Tynedale Neighbourhood Inspector Pam Bridges said: "We want to alert people that these type of scams are still happening and we want to make people aware of this to prevent them from being taken in.

"We'd also ask people to look out for elderly relatives and friends and make sure they are aware of this crime prevention message.

"Always make more enquiries, get the caller's details and if suspicious contact police. Never hand over personal details or credit or bank card details. It's vital people are vigilant."

"To check whether or not the call is genuine our advice is ring the company the caller claims to be from - however, always bear in mind often these bogus callers will keep the phoneline open so instead of ringing the company the call goes back to bogus caller. To stop this, ring a relative or friend, someone's whose voice you recognise well, before you ring the company to check the line is clear.

"If anyone is any doubt whatsoever they should ring police on 101."

For further information contact Action Fraud