Police rev up to put the brakes on motorbike disorder

26 Apr 2017 08:29 AM

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Northumbria Police is revving up to put the brakes on motorbike disorder this spring.

Throughout the spring and summer months police often see a rise in the number of reports of motorbikes ridden irresponsibly, inconsiderately and often illegally.

To tackle the issue Houghton and Hetton Neighbourhood Policing Team is joining up with Anti-Social Behaviour Officers at Sunderland City Council. Officers will be working in partnership to identify those responsible who could find they see their bike seized by police or receive a summons for a road traffic offence - which could include a driving ban.

Tenants could also find themselves evicted.

Local Neighbourhood Sergeant Simon Marshall said: "The simple message is it is illegal to ride an off-road motorbike on public land or private land without the landowners permission which means there are very few places to legally ride these bikes.

"Unfortunately, this doesn't stop the small minority who clearly flout the law and continue to tear around on their bikes causing distress and danger to members of the public. If anyone has information about those who are responsible then we want to hear from them. If their neighbour or someone in their street has one of these bikes then we want to hear from them.

"We recognise some people have these bikes and ride them legally, they go to designated tracks and do not cause us concern but if we know who the bikes belong to we can establish who is responsible for causing disorder and make sure appropriate action is taken against those individuals."

Last week a 30-year-old Hetton man was fined £525 and given six points on his licence for careless driving, no insurance and no crash helmet after he was caught on an off-road motorbike by police.

To report information about motorbike disorder in Houghton Hetton and Easington Lane ring Northumbria Police on 101 and ask to speak to the Houghton Neighbourhood Policing Team. information can be passed confidentially and anonymously if necessary. Or alternatively email the teams mailbox at

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