Stark warning to youths over planned event

12 May 2017 15:00 PM

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Northumbria Police has issued a clear warning to potential partygoers after reports of concerns regarding a planned event on Newcastle Quayside this evening which is not properly licensed.

Officers are warning those who are planning on attending the event that police will be in the area and will take action on those suspected of any illegal activity.

Inspector Steve Wykes of Central Area Command is urging parents to be aware of their children's whereabouts this evening and asks that they share this warning with them.

Extra officers will be in the area to monitor the situation and intervene swiftly and robustly at any sign of illegal activity.

Insp Wykes said: "We have received a number of concerns about a planned illegal party in the city centre and I warn anyone thinking of attending that they will face prosecution if found to be breaking the law.

"This isn't police trying to stifle anyone's fun - it is our duty to keep them safe - and quite simply, these sorts of events are not safe - it is putting people at risk and it is potentially illegal.

"These events are not only extremely dangerous but are not licensed or supported by the responsible authorities who have a duty to oversee the safety of the public.

"I would encourage parents to know what their children are up to this evening and share a warning with them not to attend any party that is not licenced or involves underage drinking as they could find themselves being dealt with by police."

"Our officers will be in the area this evening so my advice to anyone thinking of attending this party would be - if they want to stay out of trouble with the police, then don't go."

Anyone with any concerns about any issues in the area can contact the Newcastle Central Neighbourhood Policing Team on 101 or tweet us @NPNewcastle, @NPInspectorWykes and @NPCENGTEAM.