Tackling car crime in South Beach, Blyth

20 Jun 2017 15:00 PM

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"We simply won’t tolerate vehicle crime in South Beach, Blyth, and we’re glad to see residents working with us to take action against offenders."

That’s the message from Neighbourhood Sergeant Jill Hall, after one 43 year old man has been charged with theft and two youths age 12 and 13 are under investigation as a result of a resident reporting suspicious activity last week. One of the youths is being dealt with through the Youth Offending Service. Meanwhile the male offender is bailed and awaiting to appear in court next month, and must adhere to a strict curfew during this time.

"Don’t hesitate to report this kind of crime to us. We will take action and take these opportunistic thieves to task. Our officers will continue to work closely with detectives in our investigation team to identify patterns and disrupt known offenders across the Blyth area.

"As a community, let’s work together to reduce this type of crime in South Beach, and that starts with keeping your vehicle locked and your belongings out of view. Let’s not make it easy for these people who want to disrupt our neighbourhood."

Following the incident on Friday, June 16, officers from the Blyth Neighbourhood Team are asking anyone else who believes they may have had something stolen from their car between the Thursday evening and Friday of that week to come forward. You can get in touch with your local neighbourhood team by calling 101.