Warning after report of suspected bogus caller in Newcastle

23 Jun 2017 15:20 PM

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Police are warning the public to be on guard against bogus caller after reports of suspicious behaviour in Newcastle.

Officers in the Fenham and Slatyford areas of the city have received reports that a suspicious male has been going door to door and offering to carry out work.

There have been previous incidents where an elderly couple living in the area have been charged £300 for minor work by a man using the same tactics.

Now police want to warn residents to be on guard as they increase patrols in the area in response to the local concerns.

Neighbourhood Inspector Julie Rana said: "On Thursday we received some reports of a suspected bogus caller operating in the Fenham and Slatyford areas after a man was spotted going door-to-door offering to carry out odd jobs and repairs.

"An investigation into that behaviour is ongoing but following the concerns we wanted to advise residents in the area to be on guard when it comes to this type of door-to-door selling.

"There haven't been any reports that residents have been charged for any work in recent days but we do know that there have been previous incidents involving suspected bogus callers in this area.

"Members of the public should always be vigilant when they receive a visit from a cold caller and don't think twice about challenging anyone who knocks on your door.

"Genuine traders will have clear identification and will be more than happy to present it when they are asked.

"If you think an individual is behaving suspiciously then please get in touch with police so we can safeguard our local communities from any bogus callers operating in the area."