Gateshead police seize SEVEN motorcycles after complaints of ASB

27 Jul 2017 15:00 PM

Motorcycle disorder [View Full Size]

Local officers in Gateshead have acted quickly after reports of motorcycle disorder in the town - by seizing SEVEN bikes linked to the complaints.

In recent weeks local residents in East Gateshead have complained about anti-social motorcycle riding by local teenagers.

There have been reports that teenagers have been riding off-road motorcyles on public land - keeping local residents awake at night.

Many of the motorcycles in question are also uninsured, untaxed and do not have a valid MOT, meaning the teenagers in question are committing a criminal offence.

In a bid to address the concerns officers from the Gateshead East Neighbourhood Policing Team had launched an operation to identify those involved.

And now they can reveal that SEVEN motorcycles have been seized for motoring offences after being linked to the disorder across the Felling, Mount Pleasent, Leam Lane and Staneway areas of the town.

Neighbourhood Inspector Alan Pitchford said: "Motorcycle disorder is an issue all across the force area but we have had a spike in reports in the east of Gateshead in recent weeks.

"Some people may dismiss this type of disorder as kids having a bit of fun but it is impacting on the lives of local residents and it needs to stop.

"Our officers have been taking a number of steps to address it including visits to schools, leaflet drops and proactive action.

"Seven motorcycles linked to this disorder have been seized by police and this shows just how seriously we are taking these reports.

"We want local people to be proud of their communities and to feel safe in their own homes. Hopefully this action shows we are determined to ensure that is the case."

As well as the operational response, the local neighbourhood team have been educating local people about the disorder.

Officers have visited three secondary schools in the area and talked about the law regarding off-road motorcycles and the offences that are being committed.

In partnership with Gateshead Council, leaflets have also been put through the doors of local residents to inform local residents about when they should report the disorder to police.

Neighbourhood Inspector Pitchford added: "Educating young people is one of the most important parts of this action as many wont know they are committing a criminal offence.

"Some vulnerable residents will be intimidated and scared by this type of disorder and these teenagers need to understand the impact their actions have.

"Ultimately, we want to work together to make our communities a better place to live."

Anyone who wants to report motorcycle disorder in the East Gateshead area can contact the local neighbourhood team by emailing