Wanted appeal for Gary Oliver

02 Aug 2017 10:00 AM

Oliver, Gary [View Full Size]

FAO: Gary Oliver, age 32, of Chestnut Street Ashington 
RE: your lost property

Gary, you left a few things behind last night after our short but sweet rendez vous. We were just trying to catch up with you about those driving offences. You know the ones, right? 

You seemed to rush off in such haste, it's easy to see how you could have left behind a dog, your house keys and your wallet.

In fact, we've noticed that driving off at speed whenever you see us seems to be a bit of a habit. We'll be asking you to stop doing that, as you're putting yourself and others at risk with such recklessness. 

We were surprised to spot you in a car last night, given that you're disqualified and have no insurance. We're very eager to have a word with you about that too. 

But you just keep standing us up. 

We've even called your family and friends looking for you, which is starting to feel a little awkward. 

So c'mon Gaz, hand yourself in and do us all a favour. 

PS If anyone else knows where Gary might be, give us a call on 101 and just give us the reference number 34 22/6/17.