Police message after increase in public drone use

14 Aug 2017 14:00 PM

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Police are issuing a safety message to all drone users after an increase in popularity.

Superintendent Sarah Pitt, Northumbria Police’s Operations Department, said:

“The public need to be aware that if we identify them as flying in restricted areas then they could be prosecuted.

“Some users don’t realise these types of aircraft are subject to rules and legislation. We need to ensure we do our part to keep the public safe and informed.

“You should always keep your drone within your line of sight and always fly your drone away from helicopters, aircrafts, airports and airfields; those found violating these rules could face prosecution.

“Flying these types of aircraft within 150 metres of a crowded area is a criminal offence and may infringe air safety legislation.

“Not only could flying drones in the flight paths of aircrafts cause major delays, some of which come at a great cost, but it could also put members of the public at risk and it will not be tolerated.”