Crackdown operation launched after spate of summer thefts in Blyth

21 Sep 2017 10:00 AM

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Northumbria Police has launched a crackdown operation after a spate of summer thefts in Blyth. 

24 reports of theft or burglary have been called in within the last six weeks, with a number concentrated around Newsham Road Allotments and Twentieth Avenue Allotments. 

In response, officers launched Operation Sunshine, which sees extra high visibility patrols hitting the streets on foot and by bike as well as plain clothed officers in the area.  Special Constables have been tasked with talking to the local residents for reassurance while officers have also used community intelligence to target and disrupt some of the neighbourhood's known offenders.  As a result, the Op saw four arrests in just two weeks and now a total of six men are facing charges. 

Blyth Neighbourhood Team have also been hot on the heels of offenders breaking into vehicles. Dylan Woods, age 20, may sadly be a familiar face to some Blyth residents. He was charged in July with five counts of theft from a motor vehicle after a spate of thefts in the area. Now, you’ll find him behind bars having been handed a 38 week sentence. A 28 year old local man has also been charged with theft from a vehicle after a local resident reported seeing a man trying to break into cars on her street. He will appear at South East Northumberland Magistrates on September 29. 

Inspector Jon Caisley said: "Op Sunshine has really allowed us to crack down on those prolific offenders who continue to disrupt our day-to-day lives. Now, a total of six men are facing charges including shoplifting, burglary, theft, interfering with a vehicle and going equipped to carry out a burglary. 

"However, worryingly, almost all of the offences reported have been as a result of properties being insecure - with offenders entering houses through unlocked windows or unlocked doors.   Would-be thieves are on the lookout for this kind of easy access in a bid to get their hands on your valuables. Opportunistic burglars will even try to grab keys, wallets and other items through our letterboxes. Let's not make it easy for them. 

We will continue to target those who commit this type of crime and with three new faces joining the Blyth beat, we should be even more effective. Locals should soon see Pc Nicky McDonell, Pc Christopher Ardley and Pc Alex Fisher in the local area. The three have more than 20 years' policing experience between them."

"Don't hesitate to report these kind of crimes by speaking to a local Pc or by calling 101 or 999 in an emergency. For top tips on preventing burglaries follow Blyth Neighbourhood Team on Twitter @NPNBlythNPT.”