Final man sentenced as part of Operation Shelter

09 Oct 2017 17:05 PM

Aslam, Nadeem (1) [View Full Size]
The final defendant in the Operation Shelter trials has today been jailed for 12 years.
Nadeem Aslam, 43, was convicted of supplying drugs to victims in the Operation Shelter trials that concluded last month. 
He was also convicted in March for conspiracy to supply heroin and crack cocaine as part of the force’s Operation Emerald. 
However, due to legal reasons his sentencing was delayed until this week.
Now Aslam has been jailed for 12 years at Newcastle Crown Court for a number of offences relating to drugs supply. He was also issued with a Serious Crime Prevention Order by the judge.
Following the previous Op Shelter sentencing, Detective Supt Steve Barron said: “The results from court have been the sentencings we were hoping for. To be able to tell the victims, that because of their unbelievable bravery and support of this investigation, these people are going to be spending a long time behind bars is just incredible.
"We are so very grateful for those who have spoken out and I am so proud of them. It is as straight forward as without them, we wouldn't be here with this number of convictions. 
"These offenders targeted these women because of their vulnerabilities. They hugely under estimated their strength and determination. to seek justice - they thought no one would believe them. We believed them as did the jury.
"I have spoken to some of these victims and they are lovely people. They have had a tough life and to then go through courts is so difficult for them . It has just been brilliant to see how their bravery is now showing justice. 
"Anyone out there who is a victim and has been too frightened to come forward, please take solace and confidence from this case that we will take action and put offenders before the courts.  
"The remarks from the Judge have been fantastic and I really hope the serves as a strong warning and deterrent to those who think this attitude towards women is acceptable. It absolutely isn't and if you commit these crimes, you face a lengthy punishment for it. 
"I also want to praise the officers and my team for their outstanding commitment to this operation from day one.  
 “It is an excellent example of the ongoing work we are doing in our commitment to Operation Sanctuary and the protection of vulnerable people.
“Our work by no means ends here. We are going to be out in our communities raising awareness of Operation Sanctuary and the continued work we are doing to tackle sexual exploitation.
“We all need to play our part in safeguarding vulnerable people. We need people to be vigilant and be the eyes, ears and voice of the community.
“This is not something the public should feel alarmed about but more reassured that we are proactively seeking victims and working with communities to eradicate this behaviour of offending
“We want to ensure there is a repugnant stigma associated with sexual exploitation in all communities and in particular against individuals who think this treatment of women and girls is in any way acceptable
“Protecting vulnerable people is our absolute priority and it is what we are here to do."