Students welcomed to Sunderland

12 Oct 2017 00:00 AM

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Northumbria Police has a message for students as they settle in to their new lives at university - stay safe and respect your new home.

Last month saw new students enjoy Fresher's Week in the city and now as they settle into their new digs police want to remind them to make sure they keep keep themselves and their property safe.

Officers will be regularly patrolling around the university campuses and residential areas to offer crime prevention advice and target those not showing respect to their neighbours.

And, Sunderland city centre Neighbourhood Inspector Jamie Southwell has encouraged students to stop and speak to their local neighbourhood officers if they have concerns.

He said: "Starting university is a very exciting time for these young people, many of who are leaving home for the first time and we hope they enjoy their time in the city. Sunderland is a great place with plenty to offer but as with any city it is important to stay safe now that students are settling in to the academic year we thought it was a good time to remind people of a few crime prevention measures.

"Simple things such as looking out for your friends on a night out and making sure you have plans to get home can help make a huge difference. Keeping valuable such as mobile phones, purses and wallets in a zipped handbag or pocket, or on where no-one can access it without you realising may seem obvious but it's surprising how many people forget when they've had one or two drinks.

"For many it is their first time away from home living with friends in student accommodation and being broken into may not even concern them. But, if they are broken into and valuable items stolen it can have a devastating effect, especially if laptops are stolen with coursework on - all we ask is they take a few moments to make sure doors are locked, particularly overnight and windows are not left open when they're not in the room.

"We'll have officers on patrol around the university campuses so if anyone does want to discuss anything or wants some advice then they should speak to an officer. Our officers are very friendly up here in the North East and are always happy to stop and chat."

Further advice on SIMPLE tips for students can be found on our website here:

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