'Leave it on show, it's gonna go'

17 Oct 2017 15:26 PM

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‘Leave it on show and it’s gonna go’ is the latest crime prevention message from Northumbria Police as the force targets thieves.

In recent weeks there has been an increase in the number of thefts from cars and vans in Sunderland with police saying the majority could’ve been avoided if the valuables hadn’t been left on display and the vehicle had been locked.

Leaving valuable items in display in an empty vehicle is an open invitation to thieves, and if the vehicle is unlocked, it is even easier for them to grab the valuables and make off in the space of a few minutes without getting caught.

Roker and Fulwell have been the areas worst hit recently with officers now carrying out regular patrols in the main areas thieves are targeting. Arrests have been made however people are still being urged to be vigilant.

Neighbourhood Inspector Don Wade said: “Most of these thieves are opportunist and leaving valuables on show in a vehicle is an open invitation to them, if the vehicle is left unlocked it is even easier for them. We want our residents to feel safe and are doing all we can to tackle the issues that cause them the most concern but we know they can help us too.

“Never leave an unattended vehicle unlocked and never leave valuables on clear display, if you have to leave items in the vehicle make sure they are hidden out of view. Most vehicles now come with their own alarm that is automatically switched on when the vehicle is locked but if the vehicle is left unlocked it is not going to have much effect.

“It takes literally a few moments to lock the vehicle and double check it is locked but it could potentially prevent someone from becoming a victim of crime.”

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