Mobile speed cameras to be deployed on Felling Bypass

17 Nov 2017 10:30 AM

Mobile camera van [View Full Size]

Mobile speed cameras will be active on the Felling Bypass today after concerns by roadside workers.

Last month a 30mph limit was put in place on the road to protect staff involved in improvement works along the route.

The dual carriageway is currently down to one lane but concerns have been raised by staff on the site that the limit has not been adhered to.

One worker told the local authority that he was unable to manoeuvre his vehicle safely due to the excessive speeds of some vehicles.

Officers from Northumbria Police have met with Gateshead Council to discuss the matter and from today mobile speed cameras will be deployed on the site.

Motor Patrols Chief inspector, Dave Guthrie, said “We take the safety of road workers extremely seriously and will deploy the mobile camera van when it is appropriate.

"An officer attended the road to assess the location and was quick to confirm that speeding in the area was an issue.

"At the time road workers were moving around the site and so we feel it is absolutely proportionate to deploy cameras in this area.

"We hope they will act as a deterrent and make the roadworks a safer working environment. We ask all road users to consider the safety of others and take care while the works are in place."

Anyone with concerns about speeding in the area should report it via 101 or online at