Burglar jailed after he left blood at scene of crime

12 Dec 2017 14:17 PM

David McCully [View Full Size]

A Sunderland burglar who left blood at the scene of his crime has been jailed, as Operation Sleigh continues in the city.

In October, David McCully, who is 25 and from Carley Road in Sunderland, was arrested on suspicion of burglary after it was confirmed DNA found from blood at the scene of the burglary was his.

He was sentenced to 2 years four months (876 days) at Newcastle Crown Court on Thursday, November 16, and will now spend Christmas behind bars.

The burglary happened on Wednesday, September 27, at a house in Edwin Street in Houghton.

On December 1, police launched Operation Sleigh targeting suspected burglars and while the sentence came before the operation launched it demonstrates Northumbria Police’s commitment to target burglars all year round.

Detective Chief Inspector Lee Gosling said: “Since December 1 we have been running Operation Sleigh – a 12 day campaign disrupting the criminal behaviour of those suspected of being involved in burglary in the run up to Christmas.

“But, it is not just in the run up to Christmas that we target burglars, burglary is a priority for us in the area command and this sentence is a prime example of the work we carry out throughout the year to make sure burglars are put behind bars.

“It is also a good example of the different investigative techniques we have at our disposal and this conviction shows how important forensic opportunities are, McCully was caught when DNA from blood found at the scene was matched to his.”

Police also say registering valuable Christmas gifts with the property register database Immobilise can help catch burglars.

DCI Gosling added: “Our proactive work at targeting burglars and those handling stolen goods means we often seize items we suspect have been stolen, but often cannot prove this.

“By registering valuable items on property register database  if we do seize it we can check it on the database and find out who it belongs to – and catch those in the act of handling stolen goods which can ultimately lead us to a burglar.”

Visit to register valuable and sentimental items.

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