Burglary initiative in Blyth

15 Jan 2018 08:00 AM

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There are no easy pickings for burglars in Blyth – and positive action will be taken against offenders.

That’s the message from Neighbourhood officers who have launched Operation Overwatch to tackle burglaries and reassure communities that action is being taken.

Officers proactively tackle these types of offences on a daily basis and this latest operation, running from today (Monday, January 15) for two months, will see officers giving homeowners advice and carrying out extra patrols. The response also comes following concerns raised at a recent community engagement event.

Acting Inspector Neil Hall said: “These types of crimes are incredibly intrusive to victims and we’re here to reassure the community that we take a firm stance. I want to make it clear that there is no place for these offenders in Blyth and robust action will be taken against those causing harm to the public.

“Those found to be committing these offences will be brought to justice.

"I do ask that the community helps support the operation by contacting the police if they see anything suspicious, or have any information about an incident.”

As part of the initiative, officers will be providing crime prevention advice and addressing any concerns residents may have.

Chief Inspector Chris Stevens, from Northumbria Police, said: "Having your car or home broken into is extremely upsetting. But victims of this crime can also be left feeling extremely frustrated when they think they could have potentially prevented it by taking simple precautions.

"Thieves are opportunist and will try doors in the hope they will find one unlocked. It then takes them seconds to make-off with easily taken items left in view.

"Our advice is simple - take a few moments to check you’ve locked your doors and windows and make sure all valuables are locked away or out of sight.

"A break-in or theft is frustrating and distressing but could also cause financial hardship as insurance companies may not pay out if the correct security measures weren’t taken.

"While we continue to take action to tackle thieves, it's important people take crime prevention steps to reduce their risk of falling victim to such crimes.

"It's equally important for residents to report any suspicious or unusual activity in their areas to police as soon as possible.”

Anyone with any concerns or information is asked to contact the Blyth Neighbourhood Team on 101, or for further information on crime prevention visit our website