Teens could be caught on camera in crackdown on anti-social behaviour

05 Apr 2018 15:00 PM

Westerhope ASB video [View Full Size]
Police are warning teenagers in the west end of Newcastle about anti-social behaviour - and telling them they could soon be caught on camera.
In recent weeks officers from the Newcastle West Neighbourhood Policing Team have noticed a steady increase in youth disorder in the Arthur's Hill area of the city.
Officers have been called to reports of stones being thrown at buses, rubbish bags being thrown from flats onto passing pedestrians, damage to bus stops and bags being snatched.
As the lighter nights have come in there have also been reports of teenagers loitering in public places to smoke cannabis, intimidate passer-bys and smoke cannabis.
Neighbourhood cops in the area are working to identify the main offenders and put them before the courts but now they are set to adopt technology.
This week they will be taking to the streets armed with specialist video equipment - normally used in protests and football matches - in a bid to record the disorder.
Today Sergeant Nicola McGregor warned the teenagers involved that if they are caught on camera then action could be taken against them.
She said: "We have been listening to the concerns of local residents and this increase in anti-social behaviour is completely unacceptable.
"As part of the lighter nights campaign we know that we will be getting calls about different types of incidents and have tactics in place to deal with that.
"However, there is no place for incidents of this nature and those responsible need to know that we will prosecute them.
"Their behaviour is causing huge amounts of distress for local residents and there are consequences for their actions.
"We will be utilising specialist equipment to video what is happening and to capture any of the culprits red handed.
"Officers will also be going into schools to talk to children and we are asking parents to deliver the same message to their children."
The main areas of concern are around Stanhope Street, Avison Court, Avison Street and Beaconsfield Street.
If anyone has any information about the individuals responsible then they should call the Newcastle West NPT on 101 or email