Two women jailed for more than 14 years for robbery that left victim scarred for life

19 Apr 2018 13:00 PM

Pollin and Carter [View Full Size]

Two women have been jailed for a total of 14 years after a home invasion robbery left their victim in need of 57 stitches - and scarred for life.

Drug addicts Cheryl Carter and Maxine Pollin were so desperate for another hit that they forced entry into a house in Rowlands Gill in a bid to steal prescription drugs.

When inside the property the pair attacked the 32-year-old occupant and subjected her to a number of violent attacks while demanding she hand over her prescribed painkillers.

During the assault the pair dragged her round her house by her hair, grabbed her throat and kneed her in the face before Carter slashed her face with shards of a pint glass she had smashed.

Eventually the pair stopped the attack and left the property following the incident on September 21 last year but the victim had to have 57 stitches to the five-inch slash across her left cheek.

The pair were later arrested by police and charged with wounding with intent and robbery. Carter admitted both charges while Pollin was found guilty of robbery but cleared of wounding with intent following a trial.

At Newcastle Crown Court yesterday (Wednesday) Carter has been jailed for nine years and Pollin has been put behind bars for five years and four months.

Following the case, Northumbria Police's Detective Constable Matt Murray described the drug-fuelled pair as "out of control" and praised the victim for her bravery.

DC Murray, of Central CID, said: "This was a brutal and savage attack committed by two out-of-control addicts who were motivated by desperation to find more drugs.

"It must have been absolutely terrifying for the victim in this case who was subjected to a sustained attack that has left her scarred for life.

"That scar will forever remind her of the torment she suffered on that day but having spoken to her I know that the sentence has provided her with some form of justice.

"I want to praise her for the bravery she has shown throughout this case and I hope that she can now move on with the rest of her life.

"Both offenders are today beginning their jail terms and will spend a long time behind bars. Hopefully they can receive some treatment for their addiction while in prison.

"For now, two dangerous women have been taken off the streets and the local community will be a safer place following this sentencing."

Carter, 41, of no fixed address, has 50 previous convictions while Pollin, 37, of Whinfield Terrace, Highfield, Rowlands Gill, has 12 previous convictions.