Northumbria Police is Taking the Fight on Hate Crime into the Workplace

27 Apr 2018 09:30 AM

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Northumbria Police is teaming up with local businesses in the North-East in a bid to tackle hate crime in the workplace.

Today (April 26) the Force is launching a Hate Crime Champions scheme and is encouraging some of the biggest employers in the region to get involved.

The scheme encourages businesses to have a nominated Hate Crime Champion in the workplace.

They will then be tasked with raising awareness around Hate crime in their workplace and will be a point of contact for all colleagues who may want to discuss any type of hate crime or to gain advice and information.

Training and support will be given to the designated Hate Crime Champions, in order to build their knowledge and awareness around Hate crime.

They will also have information about the various support and advice services available, so they can be an effective tool in tackling such issues in the workplace.

Northumbria Police launched the scheme at an event in the city centre today, where local businesses attended to sign up.

Superintendent Nicola Musgrove is opening the event and believes that the project will increase awareness of the support available to victims of this type of crime.

She said: “Being targeted for simply for being you is something we do not tolerate within our society and as a force we are working hard to put an end to this type of crime.

“Many victims of hate crime can find it difficult to report what has happened to them, and that’s why it’s so important to have a point of contact in the workplace, to raise awareness of the support and services available.

“The response from local businesses has been fantastic, and we’re looking forward to working together closely on the issue with as many businesses as possible.”

Dame Vera Baird QC, the Police and Crime Commissioner for Northumbria Police, said: “It’s crucial that all victims feel they have a safe place to report hate crime.  More victims are coming forward and we need to make sure that we’re doing everything possible to safeguard and support them and this scheme helps us do just that. It takes that support directly to them and provides further opportunity for our officers to tackle hate crime and protect the vulnerable. My message is nobody should suffer these types of crimes, targeting someone for who they are is wholly unacceptable and Northumbria Police will do everything they can to help victims.”

Newcastle City Council Deputy Leader Joyce McCarty also gave an address at the event, and said: “As a society we have come a long way in tackling hate crime, although many victims still suffer in silence.

“As a council we have a strong history of working alongside Northumbria Police in challenging hate crime, and we remain committed to continuing this partnership, to promote equality and diversity across our region.

“We are delighted to be supporting the Hate Crime Champions scheme, and hope it will further reduce the number of victims of this type of crime in our area.”

The event, held at St James' Park, has been also supported by Newcastle United F.C., and Dave Balmer, the club's Safeguarding, Welfare & Equality Lead, said: "Newcastle United is delighted to be supporting the Hate Crime champions. Hate crime has no place in our society, and we are United behind the fight against prejudice.”

'Being you is not a crime, targeting you is'  is Northumbria Police's hate crime campaign, launched in 2013 to raise awareness around what hate crime is, the work that police and partners do to tackle it, and the support available for victims of hate crime.

A crime is considered to be a hate crime if someone has been targeted because of who they are, and our latest tactic to help tackle it is by working closely with local businesses to encourage every workplace to have a ‘Hate Crime Champion’.

To find out more information about what a hate crime is and the different types of Hate Crime visit:

Or for information & advice about reporting hate crime, including specific information about third party and safe reporting schemes in your area, use: