Motorcycles crushed following spike in disorder in Newcastle

30 Apr 2018 13:30 PM

Red motorcycle [View Full Size]
A number of motorcycles have been crushed by police after being linked to disorder in Newcastle.
Since the beginning of last month officers in the Westerhope and West Denton areas have seen a spike in motorcycle disorder.
Residents have complained of teenagers riding through their estate and making life a misery for their local community.
The majority of the motorcycles had been stolen and were being used to commit other types of crime in that part of the city.
Neighbourhood officers covering the north of the city have been leading the investigation into the disorder.
And now they have had some success after seizing nine motorcycles that had either been stolen or ridden illegally.
Neighbourhood Inspector Lesley Wheatley said the stolen vehicles had been returned to their owners but the others had been destroyed.
She said: "Neighbourhood policing is all about listening to the concerns of our local community and they told us this was an issue.
"When teenagers are riding these motorcycles through the estates, on the pavement and through parks it can be very intimidating.
"We also know that many of these teenagers were also using the motorcycles to commit other crimes including stealing other motorcycles.
"Over the past few weeks we have been prioritising this type of offending and now we have been able to seize nine motorcycles.
"One person has been arrested and we expect this disruption activity will reduce this type of offending in the Westerhope and West Denton areas.
"We have also been able to return some of the motorcycles to their rightful owners while the others have been crushed so they can't be used for any further offending.
"This wouldn’t have been possible without reports from the local community and so we want to thank residents and ask that they continue to report issues to the police.”
Anyone who has any concerns about anti-social behaviour, including motorcycle disorder, can report it using an online reporting form at