Longest-serving Special Constable hangs up his hat

03 May 2018 12:00 PM

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After 27 years of volunteering, Scott Blackett has now left his role with Northumbria Police’s Special Constabulary… but he’s not left the Force!

During his time with the Special Constabulary he rose through the ranks and in 2004 was appointed Special Constable Commandant. And after 14 years he has become the longest-serving volunteer in this role.

He will continue in his full time role within the Force Resilience Unit.

Chief Constable Winton Keenen praised Scott’s fantastic commitment to the Force.

"The contribution of all of our volunteers is fantastic and their commitment to protecting the people of the North East cannot be overstated – especially when you consider many perform this role on top of having a day job,” he said.

"They support the operations of our regular officers and staff, enabling the Force to deliver the best possible service to the communities we serve.”

“Scott has committed 27 years of voluntary service to Northumbria Police, and will be greatly missed within the Special Constabulary. We’re fortunate enough to have retained his services within the Force Resilience Unit, and I want to thank him for his dedication to the role over the years.”

Special Constable’s are a valuable resource in supporting police officers, and with 183 serving within Northumbria Police, their influence shouldn’t be underestimated.

They support all areas of the Force and work with response, neighbourhood and on occasion with specialist teams.

In addition to the positive impact they have on policing, it is a great way for individuals to gain invaluable experience. It also helps you build a wide range of skills, transferable to a career with or outside the police.

Scott himself praised the work of the whole Special Constabulary, and its growing influence which he has witnessed across the past 27 years.

He said: “I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with the Special Constabulary and would recommend it to anyone.  I’ve had the opportunity to work with some fantastic officers and staff over the years and I’m immensely proud of the work our Special Constables carry out every week.

“The responsibility that Specials can now be given makes them more deployable, and a more effective tool for the Force. It’s all about making best use of the resources that we have, and volunteering is another resource that we can draw upon.

 “If you want a career within the police, then becoming a Special Constable can provide a great deal of transferable skills. The experience you can gain is second to none.”

“Also, for a career as a member of police staff it gives you a head start because you know what it is like to be that serving officer who you are supporting in a police staff role.”

For more information on how to become a Special Constable, visit: