Operation Poppins launched to keep Newcastle kids out of trouble this summer

25 May 2018 16:30 PM

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A multi-agency operation has been launched in Newcastle to stop teenagers getting involved in anti-social behaviour as the school year comes to an end.

Neighbourhood officers are launching Operation Poppins to stop youngsters on the fringes of anti-social behaviour getting drawn into disorder by their peers.

As the summer holidays approach officers will be targeting those teenagers identified as “ringleaders” who are thought to have pressured others into disorder.

They will use both criminal and civil legislation to keep them away from areas where trouble has taken place and keep their bad behaviour in check.

Police will also be visiting local businesses to issue warnings about the consequences of selling alcohol to those under age.

The multi-agency operation will run in Newcastle for two weeks and involves enforcement officers at Newcastle City Council, local Youth Offending Teams, Children’s Services and Nexus. 

Neighbourhood inspector Lesley Wheatley said: “There will be a lot of officers out and about in the area where the operation is running to nip any anti-social behaviour in the bud.

“The summer holidays are coming up and so more and more young people will be out in our local communities with their friends which could see an increase in disorder.

“Operation Poppins is all about trying to prevent this from happening and to stop teenagers on the fringes of anti-social behaviour from getting themselves in trouble.

“There are a number of individuals who have been identified as the ring leaders of the disorder and we will use both civil and criminal action to take them off the streets. 

“Anyone found to be involved in criminal activity will also be taken home to their parents and spoken to about their conduct. 

“We will also be visiting local businesses to warn them about the consequences of selling alcohol to young people and Nexus will be using legislation to ban problem individuals from the Metro system.

“There has been a huge reduction in anti-social behaviour in this area of Newcastle in recent weeks and this activity is about ensuring all that hard work is not undone.

“If you see our officers on patrol then we would encourage you to approach them and raise any concerns you may have about crime in your neighbourhood.”

The Safe Haven van is also set to be used in the area concerned which will act as a point of contact for any vulnerable children who want to speak to police.

Anyone who wants to report anti-social behaviour can do so by calling 101 or reporting it online at

You can follow the Operation Poppins activity by following @NPCNCLNorth on Twitter or the #OpPoppins hashtag.