Teenager jailed after attacking Newcastle partygoers with Nun Chucks

27 Sep 2018 09:00 AM

Morrow, Kyle [View Full Size]


This is the moment a thug thought he was a Kung Fu fighter - as he attacked revellers with NUN CHUCKS on a busy night out in Newcastle.

Kyle Morrow, 19, was yesterday (Weds) jailed for two years after he admitted attacking a man with the martial arts weapon near to the Bigg Market.

The 26-year-old victim had been enjoying a night out in March this year when Morrow intentionally bumped into one of his friends outside Mushroom.

One of Morrow's friends then started to verbally abuse the group of drinkers before Morrow decided to take action into his own hands.

CCTV was played in court showing what followed next as Morrow pulled some nun chucks from his trousers and began to use them in a sustained assault.

He can be seen wildly swinging the metal bars at the victim before he eventually subsided and fled the area laughing and hugging his friends.

The violent assault left the 26-year-old victim needing hospital treatment for what was later diagnosed as a fractured eye socket and a broken nose.

Officers in the city centre were made aware of the assault and Morrow was arrested just minutes later after being identified as a potential suspect. 

As he was being arrested by police the nun-chucks in question fell out of his pocket and were seized by officers.

Morrow, of Claremont North Avenue, Gateshead, was charged with causing GBH with intent, assault occasioning ABH and possession of an offensive weapon.

And yesterday (Weds) he was jailed for two years after pleading guilty at Newcastle Crown Court at an earlier date.

Following the case, investigating officer Detective Constable Steven Patterson said the assault was more akin to a martial arts movie.

He said: "There is no place for this kind of behaviour anywhere in our region but particularly not in the middle of a busy night out in Newcastle.

"This was an unprovoked attack that was more akin to a martial arts movie then in the middle of the Bigg Market.

"You can see from the CCTV that Morrow was laughing and joking with his friends after the assault and that says a lot about him.

"These are the actions of a thug showing off in front of his friends by carrying out a violent attack that ultimately scarred his victim for life.

"He deserves the significant prison sentence that he has been handed by a judge today and I hope this makes people think twice about their behaviour."