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Man guilty of murdering Sunderland man

Dated: 12 Jul 2017 13:00 PM

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A man has today been found guilty of murdering an innocent Sunderland man as he slept in his bed.

Daniel Johnson, 21, formerly of Morris Street, Gateshead has today been found guilty of murdering 49 year-old David Wilson.

David was murdered at his home address in Southwick Road on Sunday, December 14, 2014.

Daniel left a party in the Southwick area at around 3.30am when he came across David's partner in the street, who was on his way home to David's house. Daniel threatened the man, stole his keys and forced him to a cash machine to withdraw money.

Daniel then went back to David's house. Daniel took a knife from the kitchen and brutally murdered David as he lay in bed asleep, completely defenceless.

Det Supt Mark Ord said: "This has been a difficult and complex investigation but today we have justice. Firstly I must thank David's family for their continued support and patience. They have been incredibly brave throughout and conducted themselves with great dignity. It is with their support that has led us to this breakthrough in the case.

"It is difficult to understand why Daniel Johnson did this. He has remained silent throughout this investigation and refused to give any information to police or the court so we may never know why he has done this. We could suggest that the robbery and the reason for entering David's house may have been financially motivativated but that does not explain why he went into David's bedroom and murdered him as he lay asleep in bed.

"Johnson is an evil and dangerous individual, he has shown no remorse and David's family have suffered greatly. He has not only put David's family through this ordeal, but also his own family.

"While we may never know why Johnson killed David, at least today Johnson will face the consequences of his actions. I hope this gives the family some closure to be able to move on with their lives."

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Family statements

David's daughter Tara

The last two and a half years have been a traumatic and emotional rollercoaster. However, I have been very fortunate to have the support from my family, friends and the police throughout the whole investigation.

Today has given us what we have always hoped to achieve and that is to see the right person convicted and held responsible for taking Dad from us.

Daniel Johnson has shown no remorse or given any indication as to why he had murdered my Dad. As a family and individually we will always have that question in our minds.

It does bring me some comfort to know we have seen this case through to the end That we have been given justice for Dads murder. That Daniel Johnson is behind bars and can never cause this to happen to anyone or any family again.

Today marks our beginning to grieve properly. Nothing can bring Dad back, he was a unique character, full of energy, positivity and humour, we can take some comfort to move forward. Keeping Dad forever in our minds and always in our heart.

David's brother Ian

We would like to thank the police team especially Mr Mark Ord and Mr Alan Williams who have worked tirelessly over the past 30 months to find the killer of David also the media who have supported us through various stages with appeals

Of which today we have received a result and justice has been seen to be done there have been many times over the last months when we thought no one would be found accountable for David’s murder but through hard work and dedication with a never give up attitude from these people justice has been done and this evil person convicted we can only but try and move forward with our lives now. We would also like to thank the public for their over whelming support with kind words and help through these most difficult of times.

David Wilson was a kind and gentle man who was a grandad, dad, son, brother, uncle and friend who would only help someone and not hurt them a gentle giant who was both loved and respected in the community he will be sadly missed by all of us .