Neighbourhood priorities

Neighbourhood Priorities

1. 2018 – Antisocial Behaviour, Gateshead Town Centre

"What you told us"
Incidents occur through the day particularly on an afternoon

"What are we doing about it?"
Additional high visbility patrols and on-going community engagement.  Partners are working with the Police to try and suppress this behaviour and also avoid it escalating - signage put up by local businesses about increased CCTV usage.  Repeat offenders have been (and continue to be) identified and joint visits with housing providers have been carried out.  Furthermore, attempts are being made to address their behaviour through legislation around alcohol, tenancy and where necessary, prosecution.

If young people are found responsible for causing ASB, they are actively being taken home and spoken to in front of parents, as well as warned of the consequences of further offending.  Use of new ASB Dispersal Powers, which prevent people congregating in areas for up to 48 hours or face arrest.

"Keeping you informed"
Updates of patrols and investigations will be provided at local meetings and via community messaging.