Neighbourhood priorities

Neighbourhood Priorities

2018 - Shoplifting at the Metrocentre.

"What you told us"

Offences of shop theft have occurred at larger stores in the shopping mall.

Thefts of fragrances and technology equipment have mainly taken place in stores on the Red mall. Theft of fashion clothing has occurred mostly on the Green and Yellow malls.

"What we are doing about it" 

Police officers and the Metrocentre security team are working together to increase patrols in the areas affected and target known offenders.

Loss prevention teams from individual businesses are provided with intelligence and photographs of people who are suspected of attending the centre to commit crime.

Together the police and security teams operate within the Metrocentre Safer Shopping Partnership, the main aim of which is to identify known offenders and exclude them from the centre before they have an opportunity to commit a theft.

The Metrocentre CCTV system constantly searches for potential offenders who are entering the centre or are present on the malls. If sighted the police and security team are informed. CCTV monitors the movements of offenders and persons suspected of committing offences with the objective of preventing crime.

Any offender arrested at the shopping centre is subject to civil exclusion from the premises by Metrocentre security, for a defined period.

"Keeping you informed"

Our objective is to deter and prevent offenders before they have an opportunity to commit crime.

Offenders who trespass in the centre in breach of an exclusion notice are pursued for a civil recovery bill of around £200 each time they trespass within the centre.

Intelligence regarding any offenders is shared within the intu Metrocentre community and we work together to prevent and reduce offending.

We continually work with businesses within the centre. The police team provide crime prevention and awareness training, distributes offender photographs and implement a range of plans to support stores and prevent crime from happening within their premises.

2018 - Anti-Social Behaviour

"What you told us"

There have been a number of reports of minor anti-social behaviour within the Yellow Mall and Passenger Transport Interchange.

These incidents have involved small groups of youths behaving in a manner that causes annoyance to members of the public and customers within the centre.

It mainly consists of littering and loud or rowdy behaviour but has on occasion escalated to instances of criminal damage.

This usually occurs while youths are waiting for buses or outside of the entertainment complexes.

"What we are doing about it"

Additional police and security patrols are being carried out in the areas where there have been reports.

The neighbourhood team strives to make sure people visiting intu Metrocentre have a safe and enjoyable experience.

The 'on site' police team and their security partners are working closely together to ensure youths are spoken to and positive action taken regarding their behaviour. 

Groups of teenagers are monitored by security staff and CCTV. Any anti-social behaviour results in the youths being excluded from the shopping centre for a minimum period of three months, by the centre security team.

"Keeping you informed"

The number of reported incidents of this type is being monitored and the police patrol areas identified.

We constantly look for known individuals who have previously been identified as being involved in anti-social behaviour incidents.

Further action has been taken by our security partners against these people, when they are found in breach of an exclusion notice.

Civil litigation is often initiated to recover costs for trespass and the time taken up by individuals in dealing with this kind of incident.

The police team have recently identified offenders who have been dealt with for anti-social behaviour and proactively search for and engage with those individuals to prevent further instances.