Neighbourhood priorities

Neighbourhood Priorities

1. 2018: Anti-Social Behaviour around Beacon Lough East




"What you told us"
There has been a continuance of youth ASB reports to local officers and other agencies.

"What are we doing about it?"
We have implemented Problem Solving Initiatives to assist in suppressing the ASB and target the offenders.
Additional high visibility patrols and on-going community engagement. We held a World Café event on the Estate on the 28th March 2018 and a development plan has emerged as a result
Partners are working with the Police to try and suppress this behaviour and also avoid it escalating – Dispersal Notices have been used to assist and keep trouble makers off the Estate for up to 48 hours at a time or face arrest
Repeat offenders have been (and continue to be) identified and joint visits with housing providers have been carried out. Furthermore, attempts are being made to address their behaviour through legislation around alcohol, tenancy and where necessary, prosecution. We obtained a ASB injunction against a 15 year old youth on the Estate
If young people are found responsible for causing ASB, they are actively being taken home and spoken to in front of parents, as well as warned of the consequences of further offending.

"Keeping you informed"
Updates of patrols and investigations will be provided at local meetings and via social media community messaging.


2.2018:Youth Disorder and Damage in Chow Dene



 "What you told us"
Complaints have been received regarding youth disorder in a number of streets in the Earlswood and Chow Dene Housing Estates.  Complaints include damage to windows, fences and sheds.  Youths have been seen drinking alcohol in the wooded area of the Dene and behaving in an antisocial manner causing annoyance to residents who live nearby.

"What are we doing about it?"
Patrols have been increased in this area to provide reassurance to local residents and identify those responsible while also preventing this type of behaviour from occurring in the first place.  Dispersal Notices have been issued to deter youths attending the area to drink alcohol. Officers have been directing those found in the area to leave for periods of up to 48 hours  or face arrest. Visits are being carried out at local off licences. Where necessary those responsible have been taken home by police and spoken to in the presence of a parent and positive action will be taken against those acting in an appropriate manner.  Tenancy visits are also being conducted with those found to be continuing to cause ASB in the area despite warnings.  Community support Officers are committed to providing a sustainable solution to this problem and are working with the community in a collaborative problem solving imitative.

"Keeping you informed"
Updates of patrols and investigations will be provided at local meetings and via social media community messaging. Residents have volunteered to help promote some of the good work done by appearing on short films via police social media to talk about their experiences