Neighbourhood priorities

Neighbourhood Priorities

1. 2018: Youth Disorder and Damage in Birtley

 "What you told us"
Complaints have been received regarding youth disorder in a number of streets in the Birtley area.  Complaints include damage to windows, fences and sheds.  Youths have been seen drinking alcohol in the area and behaving in an antisocial manner causing annoyance to residents who live nearby.

"What are we doing about it?"
Patrols have been increased in this area to provide reassurance to local residents and identify those responsible while also preventing this type of behaviour from occurring in the first place.  Visits are being carried out at local off licences and dispersal orders have been authorised to prevent crime and antisocial behaviour at these locations. Where necessary those responsible have been taken home by police and spoken to in the presence of a parent and positive action will be taken against those acting in an appropriate manner.  Tenancy visits are also being conducted withose found to be continuing to cause ASB in the area despite warnings.  The Neighbourhood Policing Team have been pro-actively patrolling the area.