You Said We Did

We asked, You Said, We did

Theft - We Asked

What concerns do you have about your neighbourhood?

Theft - You Said

Theft of mobile telephones, wallets and purses are a problem in the city centre.

Theft - We DId

We have a number of ongoing operations, including high profile and covert to prevent this crime. We are targeting known offenders and work together with other forces to identify and target travelling criminals who visit Newcastle. We are working with local bar staff, doormen, hotels  and other partners to tackle this crime and act promptly on any intelligence. 

Alcohol Related Disorder - We Asked

What concerns do you have about your neighbourhood?

Alcohol Related Disorder - You Said

You expressed concern in relation to underage drinking in the pubs and clubs of Newcastle

Alcohol Related Disorder - We Did

We have acted on intelligence provided often by school teachers and done proactive Test Purchase operations in a number of pubs and clubs in Newcastle. We have carried these out on two occasions in the past three months and are conducting a further test purchase operation in the near future.

We continue to operate alcohol watch and bottle watch and have used the evidence for licensing applications/hearings. 

Anti Social Behaviour - We Asked

What concerns do you have about your neighbourhood?

Anti Social Behaviour - You Said

Stag and Hen parties often cause some disruption when they come to the City

Anti Social Behaviour - We Did

Working in conjunction with the hotels within the City Centre we have set up Hotelwatch. We link in with all the hotels and identify any large groups that are staying with them over the weekend period, then, on a Friday night we operate a meet and greet policy with the groups.

Members of the Neighbourhood Team visit the hotels and speak with the groups. outlining how the Police work within the Night Time economy and what standards of behaviour we expect from them. We also take this opportunity to give out crime prevention advice.

By working closely with the hotels we are able to reduce the number of reports of anti social behaviour generated by the visiting parties.

Beggars - We Asked

What concerns do you have about your neighbourhood?

Beggars - You Said

What are we doing about the increased number of street beggars?

Beggars - We Did

We have a number of ongoing operations to address this issue. We have allocated officers to patrol areas which have received the most complaints however this is a short term solution. In the long term we are working with partners to assist and support those who are vulnerable and robustly deal with persistent beggars who fail to engage with ourselves or partners.